Short Stories

Couple of Moments (2015)

Read my first ebook self-published in 2015, Couple of Moments for only £1.

The collection contains nine thought-provoking literary short stories, inspired in part by the work of  the late great Raymond Carver.

Each story is a moment in time that reveals the intimacy of a couple’s relationship.

Is That Jim? 

man finds more of a connection with a stranger on phone than wife in person

The Watered Down Version

man is obligated to see his deceased wife’s parents when all he wants to do is drink

I Fed You Already

man exhibits homosexual thoughts as both his wife and cat consume his attention and time

Upstairs with Mary

man desires an affair with a neighbour rather than be with wife

What’s the Noise For?

man is too distracted by his sponging father to enjoy wife’s company

Attending to Business

man is so distraught by the loss of his parents that he is numb towards his wife

Framed Photograph

boy obsesses over his possessions rather than listening and realising his parents’ break up

Feels Plastic

man is oblivious to woman’s fears and bitterness towards her appearance

She Summarised It All

teenage boy tells girl about his recent break up only for her to play Devil’s advocate