The Difference (a poem)

Separate me from myself
Experiment with techniques
To train, motivate, force the issues
So I question and answer
Make the case to act
For an impact
Never losing sight of potential
Detachment from heat
Inside political pots
And pointless ponderings.

Think now, imminent death
Produce outputs of measure
Share the many characters
Enacted on grass and paved
Stages with exits at all angles
Prepared to give way to excuses
Lone time that lasts a lifetime
In control then to implement
Rules and boundaries
For that dream state.

Allow those feelings
Fleeting as they are
To plan those vital moments
Dictate direction
Wisdom applied after criticism
Where truth appears
Duplicated, past and present
Everywhere a face, the same
City space, foreign yet mine
To mould, dirty and spy.

The difference is in the mind
A fight for time to destroy
Each part of me in my ways
Waves of pain not accessible
To public, personal domain
Dilemmas that eat the soul
Caught inside so no others can see
Only when my trust can flow
Will my body weaken and change
Permit me to realise my worth.

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