Poem #110

Poem #110 by David A. Church

Dream a Jayne, don’t think
Stories across oceans, the drink
Blows age into perspective
Spinning numbers in the wind.
Catch a mouse, don’t prey
Crumbs in gaps, the pay
Death creeps into every fear
Begging for poison in the bite.
View a forest, don’t leave
Scenes always in motion, the reprieve
Friends in sections of soil
Carrying a weight across homes.
Offer a ghost, don’t journey
Meditations through walls, the key
Alterations to form after life
Helping and caring for those poorest.
Love a birth, don’t bleed
Wars over space for food, the need
Lakes prepared to drown
Sailing through the seasons.
Grow a boat, don’t run
Travels down hills, the fun
Fruit lying dormant at feet
Hanging on to youth in the trees.

David A. Church

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