A Measure of Things (a poem)

A Measure of Things by David A. Church

Record receipts for me
For installing gutter
In train to capture
Tickets used, spent, dropped
That tunnel through stations
And metal side doors
With vault images attached.
Industrial estate printers
Misplacing pages on carriages
Making the words sick
As they track down
The book, its eyes, the women
Drunk and spoilt on constant talk
Of lost options and stories.
Run your mind over
Pipe work that leaks
Condescends the window
Inside hospital rooms
That have no context
Outside life or care
Until someone asks for location.
Corporate political vans
Advertising triangular messages
Blaring music posing as propaganda
Posting letters to fictional suits
For advantaged men
To cover outrageous roles
Not included in public pack.
Race buses through towns
A league set for bets
Loaded with bikes
Like stores full of locks
Handles and keys in every style
To make anywhere home
And complete the doll set.

David A. Church

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