Asking After You (a poem)

Asking After You by David A. Church

It doesn’t matter where I’m situated,
How I’m positioned. I realise this now.
It isn’t going away, not even once I know,
Accepted fate and let the thoughts flow.

It doesn’t matter who I’m with,
How I was made. This is in the past.
It isn’t changing soon, not while I see,
Accepted limits and given over the key.

It doesn’t matter what I’m doing,
How many years have gone. I don’t act it.
It isn’t the factor, not a reason to quit,
Accepted life and it is not to be lost.

It doesn’t matter why I’m imagining,
How it turns out. This is not mine to call forth.
It isn’t going to be simple, to ride onwards,
Accepted partnership and the closeness result.

It doesn’t matter when I’m leaving,
How the words are said. I cannot give a response.
It isn’t through too few tries, but timings wrong,
Accepted the rejection look and even before it came.

David A. Church

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