Words Run (a poem)

Words Run (a poem)

Words ―
Stolen sounds, simple symbols of speech
Preserved for centuries from Germanic grounds,
Concise and supplemented by appendages
Like affixes and modern idioms
That now start fresh lines fit for thought.

Content to be led by walking feet
That know the right steps,
Constrained by polyester
And rubber trained to take the strain
So love can replace pain.
Technical terms that take
Over: plans to work speed, strength, tempo
Into hilly heights and raised roads.
Become robots formed by sweating fuels
Clubbed together at specialist clinics
That inject pills to connect joints,
Contract muscles and motivate
The mechanism in the mind
To sink, lose its power
To tip its weight forward,
To track its earned mile
To kilometre and instead allow satellites
To dictate routes, times, postures
In every race organised by tapes and teams
Who guide each complete action.

Runs ―
Stolen shoes, simple symbols of steps
Preserved for centuries from African alpines,
Concrete and supplemented by appendages
Like weights and modern gadgets
That now start fresh trails fit for movement.

David A. Church

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