Running Writing (a poem)

Running Writing (a poem)

I want to leave this world,
not to lose a wish from any future genie
but break barriers, enter new realms,
see no walls, feel no carpets.

Only there is no writing on the road,
movement of thought, sights taken in
to detract from the reality of situations
then lost to memory forever.

My chances to stay outside alive
fall down when considering unknowns
dwelling in darkness, thick with consequence,
options to show craziness amongst others.

No speed will limit fear nor nerves
however much is seen or sensed,
wherever the respite may be,
the words require light of audience ears.

Perhaps I am a part of the particulars
unable to leave them behind, roll by
without glance from spare sentiment,
instead use them to keep safe, create hurdles.

David A. Church

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