Poem #76

Poem #76 by David A. Church

You have to shrug it off,
Put it aside, place it away
From the memory bank and
Bury it, hide it from all,
Chalk it on a board then
Wipe it off and archive,
For the past to learn but
To never see again. Continue
The quotes that refuse truths,
Only deceive and reveal
Honest misgivings of yourself,
For the driving seat is free
Even if unused with keys
In the lock, be in control
Of every destination, reliant
On traffic of others. You
Have to accept mistakes,
Let them define, accuse
And reduce to human form
So you can start over,
Try another time, the next
Year, month, day, hour,
Minute after the error.
You cannot succeed every
Single expectation coupled
With further questioning,
But you can play to strong
Will inside, remain clung
To wishes that do not conform.
You must give the stress
Away too, release its burden
That serves you, promises
A value for the effort
And caress a calm, tame
Ideals that forever walk.
You are advised to quieten
Like a secret from eyes,
Hold back verbal progress
Until the necessary strike
When result and performance
Is linked to money, land,
Power, only manner to survive.
Yet discipline can hunt soul,
Hurt it without repair, mould
You so no change can occur.
That is why to break the frame
Means to move alone, utter
From within, keep suppressed
A faction that separate parts
Into metals, motors and magnets.

David A. Church

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