Out There (a poem)

Out There (a poem) by David A. Church

Do you mind
If you let Lynn know?
Sort it one night
She should be in
Otherwise pop back
Come find me again.
A lot of people do that
Only I don’t tell her beforehand
She would slander my name
Would never look at me.
She’s in the right role though
Deals with difficult classes
With permanent period changes
Still needs someone like James to help.
We poached her you know
Got our claws in early
Why not Jason told me
Not easy no guarantees
It’s all I can think of for some reason.
I was in the training room
Knew she would cut it
Way back in the day
But yes there’s a plan and photos
On playing the lesson game.
Even with too much going on
We ought to pay up
For the other thing
Not like last year
Reactionary and lacked motivation.
They filmed the video yesterday by the way
Just got on with it then went
Archaic technology did two lengths
Whichever edit is cheaper maybe
Anyway how did you get on in Billericay?

David A. Church

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