Calligraphy (a poem)

Calligraphy (poem) by David A. Church

Introducing contrasting lines,
Writing beautiful art,
Voicing personal senses,
Acquiring pleasurable freedom.

Fountain pens dipped in fibres,
Paper layered, loaded upon boards,
Lighted table for drawing and erasing pieces,
Brushes with edges, nibs and curves.

Ordering forms that shape,
Angling wide weights,
Circling sheets with space,
Learning versatile varieties.

Bold roundhand, thick versals,
Rhythmic italics, narrow gothic,
Ornamental patterns, labelled envelopes,
Celebratory cards, plated signs.

Quoting biblical messages,
Decorating printed numerals,
Flourishing initials embossed,
Copying project designs.

Counter cross-stroke bar,
Baseline bowl descender,
Arched heightened ascender,
Serif downstroke stem.

David A. Church

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