Reason For This (a poem)

Reason For This (a poem) by David A. Church

I am reading this poem
To absorb advice on the form,
To place awareness in context,
To find myself somewhere on the spectrum,
To attune my manners, respect history,
To compete with audience members and life,
To voice mass language, exercise sounds,
To frame the message, feedback interests,
To influence myself, a public figure of humanity,
To know and care what is obvious, like concrete,
To think up right answers before the speech,
To invite a stranger into an index of fog,
To apply states to maps with logical keys,
To argue with myself and miss a contact point,
To purify the craft, the work of rules,
To judge any progress, active business,
To toil over a muse, inspired, perspiring,
To narrate proofs into contrived conflicts,
To hook my needs to symbols deep in discussion,
To challenge a concentration so simple as to laugh,
To dramatise names that play, give birth to experiences,
To point out the impact of pressing news,
To organise types of talk, dialling success,
To set off, prepare to adapt an approach,
To narrow down steps between resources and rock,
To scribble ideas anywhere with a surface,
That’s why I’m reading stolen lines of words.

David A. Church

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