Poem #78

Poem #78 by David A. Church

I lay limitations
to overcome, to distract my senses;
obsessions that serve and fuel
an unknowable Master
recording all matters.
I permit experiences
to permeate, ingrain in me
so meaning can meander,
spread to every mental outlet
until my satisfaction is saturated.
I evolve in the cycle,
circling past works,
words that keep my interest
on topics removed, taken as fact
until the habit fades to a memory.
I obtain a right over time
to establish a bulk of knowhow,
to see myself as a guru
on points I can direct others to,
bother nerves that connect.
I convince myself that change
would not be worth making,
that ideas external are valuable,
will outlast all things and
never let me down.

David A. Church

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